Metallurgical Consultancy Services

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We support our clients with our extensive materials engineering expertise, covering

Materials & Processes

Design concepts, Material selection & evaluation, Steel making & rolling, Metal processing, Forging, Casting, Welding, Steel fabrication, Machining, Heat treatment, Corrosion control, Cathodic Protection, Surface treatments & Protective coatings


Development & Control of Welding Procedures and Specifications, Welder & Welding Process Qualification (WPS/PQR/WPQ), consumables control, performance tests, weld repairs and review of welding records

Metallurgical Failure Investigations

Identifying failure mechanisms (ductile, brittle, fatigue, corrosion, wear, creep, etc); Fractography; Simulated testing (corrosion, torsion, wear); Analytical tests on evidence specimens; Root cause analysis, Formulation of conclusions, Report writing and Recommendations for corrective & preventive actions.

Product development

Research & Development of special materials & alloys; Development of equipment and applications for welding, cutting, cladding, heat treatment; Development of Inspection & Test Methods, etc.

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